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Pre Pack


Automated Packaging lines may require a range of Pre-Packaging solutions in an effective and reliable system, before product presentation to the Automated Packaging process.

Solutions for: storage, conveying, conditioning, mixing, screening, and weighing may each provide better products, improved reliability, output, and life cycle of packaging systems. Draw on the experience and advice of respected and experienced packaging system manufacturers to help you make the right decisions.

      Pre-Pack Solutions


Our versatile bagging machine solutions boast precision-perfect bagging and labelling capabilities for a myriad of applications. Our bagging machines are designed to suit almost any speed and product requirements. Our extensive range of bagging solutions include fully or semi-automated equipment including: Vertical or Tubular Form Fill and Seal, Open Mouth, Valve, or Big Bag (FIBC).
Bagging Solutions


Whether the ideal solution requires a Conventional Layer Palletiser or Robotic Palletiser to address footprint, mixed or fluctuating production requirements, AP2 offers flexibility to on-demand end-of-line automation. Enabling you to better control costs and increase efficiency, safety and quality of packaged goods. Palletisers are a cost-effective method of improving production while decreasing overheads. Eliminate Manual Stacking, improve safety and improve productivity.
Palletising Solutions
Pallet Protection

Pallet Protection

Our customers benefit from our ability to draw on a wide range of Pallet Protection Solutions from recognised industry leaders in their fields.

Whether you require conventional Pallet Wrapping equipment, or the latest technologically advanced Stretch or Shrink Wrap Hooding technology, we can offer solutions suited to your individual needs, budgets, and productivity requirements.

Pallet Protection Solutions