Okura (OFAS)

Kakogawa, Japan

Okura Robotic Palletisers

Okura high-performance palletising robots are developed based on Okura’s sophisticated palletising technology & long track record in the field.

Okura’s 4-axis multi-articulated design achieves smooth, swift & accurate palletising for numerous package types. Utilizing minimal footprints & various end effector designs for a wide range of uses, makes the Okura robot palletisers suitable for modern efficient production applications.

Okura Flexible Automation Systems Pte Ltd (OFAS), was established in 1989, as a subsidiary company of Okura Yusoki Co. Ltd of Japan. OFAS provides a complete & distinctive range of products, including Okura Robotic Palletising solutions & engineering services for ASEAN, Oceania, and China via its offices & service centres in Singapore, Malaysia & China (OFAS Group).

OFAS has developed and implemented systems across numerous fields of Automated Packaging production and handling, through a unique combination of experience, innovation, efficiency & effectiveness.

OFAS Group are renound for supplying cost-effective solutions with their reputed Okura quality and durability. Delivering and maintaining solutions to multi-national companies in America, Europe & Asia, and Oceania, most of which are still in operation today.