T2 Maschinenbau GmbH
Im Dollenstück 4
D 35625 Hüttenberg -Rechtenbach


Founded in 2002 with the release of its T2-700. T2 has continued to innovate and progress its range of solutions. In 2009 releasing the flagship T2-701 VFFS Bagging Machine with its innovative modular design and new belt feeder. In 2013 the T2-1600P was released to cover the compressed peat/baling market. In 2014 releasing its adjustable forming tube, then in 2016 their double belt scale. In 2018 the updated T2-1601P was released.

In 2020 it moved to its current green/solar powered manufacturing facility in Huttenburg Germany.

T2 Reliability & Durability

T2 is renowned globally for its innovative application of continuous motion (VFFS) Vertical Form Fill and Seal Bagging Machines and its range of Dosing Systems. T2 Machines are also famous for their unrivalled durability and reliability. Often operating for years without the need for service intervention, parts, or adjustments.  Their range of dosing systems includes single and double belt scales and feeders, for both Gravimetric and Volumetric dosing.

T2 Applications

T2 Machines are used in an extensive range of product applications from free-flowing, to dusty fibrous, as well as soil & potting mix products. Whether its seeds, rocks/stones, feed, sand, pellets, soils, bark, or hay, T2 has the right solution.

T2 Innovation

From T2 continuous motion transverse and longitudal sealing and film accumulator, Hot Air Vertical Sealing System, use of B&R control and servo motor systems, modular assembly structures, adjustable forming tubes, scalable press modules, and model variations, T2 machines are able to provide industry leading reliable “real time” output rates, durability and reliability.

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