TMG Impianti SpA


TMG Impianti Spa

Location: San Martino di Lupari, Italy

Established in 1976, TMG Impianti SPA has more than forty years of experience meeting the needs of global markets across many different automated packaging sectors. TMG has earnt a reputation for providing innovative, reliable, and durable solutions where its competitors could not, regularly developing new systems and processes that become industry standards. TMG thrives on challenges posed by the many industries it supports.

Renowned for their ultra-durable and reliable conventional layer palletisers, which from their very 1st introduction to the palletising process, have set a benchmark few have been able to match.

TMG Solutions are responsible for handling, packaging, and transporting countless packages globally, satisfying the needs of producers, distributors, suppliers, and ultimately consumers.

Whether your needs cover: Flexible Bags, flow packs, bundles, bag in box, boxes, cans, bottles, triggers, or tetra packs, across multiple processes incl: de-palletisers, carton formers, case packers, carton closers and conventional layer & robotic palletisers, TMG has the solution.

TMG is truly an innovative and adaptive industry leader founded on continuous research and experience, allowing them to acquire the technological expertise which is applied to their extensive range of end-of-line packaging systems globally. Direct contact with their clients ensures continued innovation, and progressive adaptation, to suit different needs and applications.